[CentOS] CentOS, Firefox, and Java Plugin

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Mon Sep 27 08:31:16 EDT 2010

On Fri, 24 Sep 2010, Les Mikesell wrote:

> On 9/24/2010 2:23 PM, Keith Roberts wrote:
>> Well yes, it does work OK. The point being though it's an
>> old (stable) release of Eclipse, but nothing near the current
>> Eclipse 3.6.0 Helios release.
>> I'm in the middle of moving now, but when the dust settles I
>> will put my 'Installing Eclipse Helios 3.6.0 for PHP
>> developers' on Centos 5.5 on my site. It covers Java,
>> Xdebug, PDT, necessary repos, and starting to use the PDT
>> plugin for debugging local and remote PHP scripts. I might
>> even throw in a few screencasts. But that's another story
>> getting OT now.
> My take on things is that java and a lot of other things are really
> intended to work with several versions concurrently available - and
> perhaps running concurrently, where RPM wants to only have one and even
> with alternatives can only make one the default.  So any time you don't
> want the defaults, you have some design decisions to make.  Still, I'm
> surprised that Sun and RH didn't make nice and have a publicly available
> RPM that puts things in RH-style places.

As you probably know, Red Hat does have various java flavours and versions 
that can coexist using RPM available from their RHN Extras/Supplementary 
channel. I guess licensing is one reason why it is not public, although it 
does give Red Hat some added value for Enterprises, I am sure :-)

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