[CentOS] HP ML110 G6: how to update kernel with HP hpahcisr raid driver installed

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 05:50:06 EDT 2010

From: Dario Lesca <d.lesca at solinos.it>

> I have install Centos 5.5 on HP ProLiant ML110 G6
> ...  start with "linux dd" and, at the end of setup, 
> install the hpahcisr into  kernel 2.6.18-194.el5PAE
> But after reboot if I run a "yum update" and  reboot, the new kernel not
> contain the driver hpahcisr for new kernel and I  get a kernel panic. 
> The question is:
> How to update to last kernel  without lost the proprietary driver?
> It's possible?
> Where is the  new driver for new kernel?

The README files says:

"The install script will install the hpahcisr loadable
object modules into the /lib/modules directory for each kernel
for which a driver object module is present in this package and
exists on the system.  Then it will make a new initrd 
(initial RAM disk) image for the running kernel, if a driver for
the running kernel was installed.  Then, it will update the LILO
or GRUB configuration, as directed, adding a new entry to use the
new initrd image.  If there were already hpahcisr loadable
object modules present in the kernel libraries, these will be backed
up under /use/src/HP/driver_backup."

"driver object module is present in this package" =>
$ find . | grep ko | awk -F/ ' { print $4 } ' | sort

Maybe run once more the install script but, if your kernel version is not 
listed, I do not know if it will help...
Or, maybe you could copy the module in /lib/modules/... and make the initrd by 
hand and hope it works...
Or just disable the "fake" hardware RAID and use software RAID (I am afraid of 
cheap raid)...



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