[CentOS] Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill Init!

Mon Aug 20 17:26:34 UTC 2012
Joseph Koenig <joe at creativeanvil.com>

>> Yes, grub was installed, and it would seem PERC controller is presenting
>> drives to the system - at least it was. Before I ran a yum update after
>> installing the system, I could boot it and log in just fine.
>> Worth reinstalling from the minimal install disc again just to make sure
>> that still works? Would that rule out something having gone awry with my
>> RAID card or disk?
> You *might* want to try installing the minimal server version. Minimal
> means a lot less....
Installed from minimal the first time around, which is why I thought 
doing that again may be helpful. You think I'd be best to get the full 
install and run that though?

Thanks for all the help.