[CentOS] Wrong PV UUID

Aslan Carlos aslan at linuxadvanced.com
Fri Jan 20 13:26:16 UTC 2012

On 01/19/2012 07:56 AM, Muhammad Panji wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have one VG with one LV inside consist of four disk (and four PV) somehow
> the UUID is changed. I try to restore with the last known good
> configuration and use
> pvcreate --uuid xxx --restorefile xxx
> but I think when I first time do it I did use wrong UUID for two device.
> but haven't only using command above and haven't used vgcfgrestore. After
> carefully read the configuration, using hdparm to know device serial number
> I think I have assign the right UUID for each device. I succesfully use
> vgcfgrestore, but I cannot mount the device (unknown filesystem, bad
> superblock, etc). My questions are, is my first attempt to assigning
> (wrong) UUID make all the LVM corrupt? I see that all LE and PE is still
> there, the VG and LV size is right but still I cannot mount the volume. Is
> this just a bad filesystem or the data really gone? Thank you.
> Regards,

 Why theses 4 PV lost UUID?  Have some hardware change ?

It's not common this happen,  just lost LVM Meta Data on PV, something
wrong happened.

The problem is reconstruct meta information about Mapping of blocks ( PE
) to LV, if your LV used blocks mapped across the four disk, I recommend
you running check file system.. e2fsck to repair.

Well if e2fsck don't solve this problem, it time find out the last
backup. :(

best regards,

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