[CentOS] How to upgrade from 5.8 to 6.2

Keith Roberts

keith at karsites.net
Sat Jun 23 16:42:44 UTC 2012

On Sat, 23 Jun 2012, ken wrote:

> From prior experience I've found major upgrades easier if, in the
> current setup, instead of having just one volume/partition and so
> everything under root (/), there are separate partitions or volumes for
> (at least) /home and /var because redhat (and so too centos) has always
> recognized that those partitions contain data and will ask if I want to
> leave them as they are or, instead, overwrite them.  If you currently
> have just one volume/partition, then you *must* backup any data you want
> to save and then re-install it you have 6.2 running.  If you already
> have separate volumes/partitions on your 5.8 system, you still will want
> to note which are which so that when you install 6.2 you will be able to
> make the correct assignments.

I've been caught out before when installing Linux with 
existing data on several partitions, and had my partitions 
and data trashed. My work around is to only let the 
installer use / tmp and swap. That way it cannot touch my 
partitions with data on them.

Once the initial installation is completed I then install my 
own /etc/fstab from backups. This then allows the new Linux 
OS to mount those partitions with existing data on them.




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