[CentOS] Third-party SATA-RAID cards suggestions

Thu Dec 5 10:22:43 UTC 2013
Sorin Srbu <Sorin.Srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>

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> 10 hard drives should be plugged into a SAS backplane, even if they are
> SATA drives, and driven by a SAS controller, using a 4 channel SAS
> cable.  anything else is ghetto.

It might be considered that, it was a cheap solution. Not necessarily the best 

> you said RAID card, then you talk about JBOD?   which is it.

Primarily RAID.

> the LSI SAS 920x family should work just fine at this.   if it didn't
> you got cabling problems.

Thank you for the hint. The setup worked fine with Windows 2012 R2, which saw 
both card and disks and was able to create a raid0-array for testing.
CentOS 5/6 didn't for some reason.

> at centos install time, you don't create a single big software raid out
> of anything, you create mirrors for your OS root and /boot file systems,
> then after the system is running, you create your big raid 10 or
> whatever as your data volume, make that LVM, put /home and /var on it if
> you want, whatever.

I apologize for any confusion. For linux-servers I usually install CentOS on a 
separate system disk, with user-data on another separate disk or as in this 
case on the other ten drives which are to form a single raid-array.