[CentOS] dovecot move doesn't work

Wed Jan 7 16:52:06 UTC 2015
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 01/07/2015 10:39 AM, Chuck Campbell wrote:
> On 1/7/2015 9:46 AM, Chuck Campbell wrote:
>> On 1/7/2015 12:06 AM, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>>> Am 06.01.2015 um 23:55 schrieb Chuck Campbell:
>>>> I'm running centos 6.6 with the default 2.0.9-xxx dovecot.
>>>> I run sa-learn against my spam_to_learn folder, then I wan to move those emails
>>>> to a learned_spam folder.
>>>> when I do a doveadm -Dv move -u user learned_spam mailbox 'spam_to_learn' ALL
>>>> I get this result:
>>>> usage: doveadm [-Dv] [-f <formatter>] <command> [<args>]
>>> [ ... ]
>>>> this doesn't even list a move command, yet the dovecot pages show it and give
>>>> examples.
>>> The dovecot version provided by CentOS 6 simply does not have that 
>>> feature implemented. The wiki.dovecot.org documentation reflects the 
>>> current stable upstream status of things.
>>>> any suggestions?
>>> You may use the dovecot22 package provided by the ghettoforge plus 
>>> repository, providing dovecot release 2.2.15.
> I tried this using yum install dovecot22, but I get a lot of these:
> file xxx from install of dovecot22-1:2.2.15-1.gf.el6.x86_64 conflicts with file
> from package dovecot-1:2.0.9-8.el6_6.4.x86_64
> I tried yum update dovecot22, but I get:
> Package(s) dovecot22 available, but not installed.
> What is the right way to do this?

My suggestion would be to contact the ghettoforge people as this is no
longer really a CentOS issue.  Certainly this list can be used if they
are on it.

But instead of using a repo I have personally never heard of, I would
instead look at the documentation for version of dovecot that is in
CentOS 6.

The purpose of running CentOS is to have enterprise level server
software .. if you instead want latest and greatest server software, I
would recommend that you just run the latest Fedora Server.

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