[CentOS] newbie question on installation over existing Linux

Mon Jun 8 05:11:20 UTC 2015
Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org>

On 06/08/2015 12:25 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:
> My situation is I have 7 separate Linux  partitions and a swap area. One
> of the partitions is /home, so it's already in its own partition.
> I want to keep the partitions for CentOS exactly as I have them in terms
> of size, etc. In the past, even when I've done a "clean" Linux install,
> the existing system partitions were cleared and repopulated, and the
> existing /home was not touched in any way.
> So, I'm not sure how to interpret what you said. Can I get the same
> results from a CentOS install using some combination of options?

Yes, since you already have a partition explicitly for /home you just
need to specify custom partitioning before you begin the install,
re-select all your partitions back to the same mount point (you will see
them, they just need to be selected and have the mount point specified)
and make sure that /home (and any other partitions you explicitly don't
want wiped) are not selected for formatting.  The installer will take
care of the rest.

Make sure you are backed up just in case you muck things up, but it
shouldn't be an issue.