[CentOS] C7: EPEL conflicts with Base and ElRepo?

Fri Jun 19 23:37:19 UTC 2015
Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko at gmail.com>

On Fri, 19 Jun 2015 14:54:21 -0500
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org> wrote:
> To be perfectly honest, the differences between EPEL and Base+extras
> can usually be completely ignored anyway.
> While somethings may be in epel and extras .. and the extras versions
> might lag, the extras version likely came from EPEL in the first place
> and was added as a build requirement for some other package in extras.
> This means that if there is a newer version in EPEL later, it is
> likely not going to cause a problem if it is installed on CentOS ..
> and in reality, we should probably be pulling that newer EPEL package
> into extras anyway.
> I don't think, if you stay in the elrepo, EPEL, and Base+Extras family
> that you are going to be hurt very often using whatever yum finds
> without yum-priorities at all.  I would add the NUX repo to those as
> well.  If you go outside those 4, maybe yum-priorities become more
> important.
> I am sure with 8,000 or so total packages, one might find a conflict
> that matters .. but I don't know of any that matter right now.  By
> matter, I mean that there is an actual issue using the newer package
> from the 4 repos, whichever one that is.

Yes, I agree. After I went through the list of conflicting packages, I
failed to find anything that could even remotely be called critical or
dangerous. So in the end, one probably doesn't need yum-priorities if
one stays within the four main repos.

Anyway, thanks for the info!

Best, :-)