[CentOS] OT Strange IP address on home network

Sun Nov 1 13:52:19 UTC 2015
zep <zgreenfelder at gmail.com>

On 11/01/2015 07:40 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> ken wrote:
>> On 10/30/2015 09:01 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>>>> So I guess the strange IP address probably comes from some Lite-On
>>>>> device somewhere in my house - maybe on the server itself, an HP
>>>>> MicroServer. There are so many possible electronic culprits today.
>>>> You should be able to use nmap to scan the device.
>>> Thanks very much for the suggestion, I'll try that.
>> Try putting this line
>> IPV6INIT=no
>> in the relevant config file, probably something like
>> /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth?
>> then restart your network.
> I don't have a directory /etc/sysconfig/networking/ on my CentOS-7 server,
> but I have IPV6INIT=no in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp{23}s0 .
> Incidentally, I haven't yet worked out how to get any useful information
> from nmap, as suggested by Johnny Hughes - I only get information
> about open ports, which is interesting but not relevant to my query
> about the 169.254.* address appearing in "arp -a" on my server.
> I looked at "man nmap" but there seem to be an infinity of options.

assuming nmap says there's a web server running, can you connect to
it?   how did you run nmap against it?   I'd think you would have to
create a dummy interface on the same network range to be able to
communicate to it.    I suspect something like a service
processor/ilo/rilo/whatever HP calls their management interface.   
could you have powered the machine up first then waited a little while
before putting network cables in, esp in the one labeled 'mgmt'?

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