[CentOS] Just need to vent

Mon Jan 25 07:46:16 UTC 2016
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 01/24/2016 11:31 PM, Sorin Srbu wrote:
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>> My opinion is that there's a silent majority who don't hate Gnome3, and that
>> it's not half as terrible as people seem to make out.  You can start
>> applications, move windows around, and manage files.  What do people really
>> want from a DE?  Being able to just type winkey-texmaker and have texmaker
>> start up is suddenly a bad thing?
> Spot on.
> I don't hate Gnome3 enough to get irritated, not when it's as easy as changing
> the desktop environment.
> This is what linux is about for me, if I don't like something - I'm pretty
> much free to search for other solutions and use those instead.
> I do understand Alice's rant though.
> It mirrored my sentiments with CentOS 7 just when it came out. 8-)

I tried to like gnome3 but there were several things that I just could 
not accept.

Totem - which they insist on calling Movie Player now. I could not 
figure out how to get to not be full screen. I use it for playing audio 
clips I am working on, and don't want it full screen. In Gnome 2 it was 

Vertical Scroll Bar Sliders. They took away the scroll bars from my 
applications. No configuration option to turn it on, after searching and 
asking I found out the only way to turn them back on was with CSS.

But after doing that, it only came back for some applications.

On my desktop it isn't a big deal, I scroll with the scroll wheel. But 
on my laptops (Thinpad T Series) I don't have a scroll wheel, I like to 
grab the slider.

Those are the reasons I switched to Mate.

But even in Mate, applications like gedit pull in more Gnome 3 UI crap I 
don't like. Like no file menu on the left hand side of the window, 
instead horizontal bars all the way at the right hand hand side of the 
window - yet a save box all the way on the left hand.

And the Calculator app - Every damn time I grab the window to move it, 
the mode selector gets triggered because instead of being in a file menu 
like it use to be - it is now dead center in the top bar of the window, 
where I am use to grabbing windows to drag them.

Gnome3 UI is a disaster that needs to be fixed.

It's also rather annoying that I can no longer use my favorite 
spreadsheet, gnumeric, in CentOS because only old versions without bug 
fixes build. It use to be that current versions of gnome applications 
like gnumeric didn't require the most bleeding edge libraries to build 
them, but now they do.