[CentOS] installing centos 7 32 bit i386 to laptop

Fri Jul 29 14:48:54 UTC 2016
geo.inbox.ignored <geo.inbox.ignored at gmail.com>

On 07/29/2016 06:18 AM, geo.inbox.ignored wrote:

> rebooting to install correct iso.
> back later. again.

well, i never.

never enjoyed installing an os as much as i did centos 7.

selection and setup was not difficult, all went well. i do like the new
design of process better than previous.

fun really started when those inline prompts started. i though i was terse.
those prompts have me beat. it took a couple of errors to see just what was
what, then breezed thru it. reminded me a little of cromemco install back
in s100 days.

did not like logging into gnome. that creature needs to stay in front lawns
keeping yards safe.

did figured out how to get kde, had to change my color scheme so i could
see what i had set up. slide show of my 'girls' is running ok. would not
liked to have lost them.

still need to go back to 'system settings > applications appearance' to do
some tweaking. panel bar has lighter color for text making it a little
difficult to read. having 16 to 20 progs open makes for a bit of squinting.

all in all, my congratulations to centos crew for putting together a real
fine product and procedure.

my most grateful appreciation to repliers who help me get this install.

especially to John R Pierce for staying with me thru all of it. most


peace out.

CentOS GNU/Linux 6.8



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