[CentOS] Suggestions for Config Management Tool

Thu May 12 12:01:15 UTC 2016
Laurent Wandrebeck <l.wandrebeck at quelquesmots.fr>


I've chosen ansible over the others for two particular reasons:
- you can quickly dive into it. I think it's the easier to use at first being a complete beginner in config management tools.
- no daemon server or client side.


Le 12 mai 2016 09:22:09 GMT+02:00, "Götz Reinicke - IT Koordinator" <goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de> a écrit :
>we see a growing need for a better Configuration management for our
>Are there any known good resources for a comparison of e.g. Puppet,
>Chef, Ansible etc?
>What would you suggest and why? :)
>	Thanks and Regards . Götz
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