[CentOS] Unable to edit resolv.conf

Fri Jan 13 13:50:31 UTC 2017
Albert McCann <mac358 at newsguy.com>

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> Subject: [CentOS] Unable to edit resolv.conf
> I changed ISPs and need to update name servers in resolv.conf.
> I have tried nano, gedit, Webmin, system-config-network and it won't allow
> me to make the changes.
> I have Network Manager turned off and when I enable it , eth0 and eth1
> have no entries.
> I enabled it, added the connections, but still no changes.

You haven't done what I've done intentionally, flag /etc/resolv.conf
immutable with "chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf" have you?

I do this to keep Network Manager and other busybodies from making unwanted
/ unneeded changes.

Evidence of a dissolute computer.