[CentOS] Fixing grub/shim issue Centos 7

Fri Aug 7 06:22:37 UTC 2020
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 8/6/20 8:57 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Le 04/08/2020 à 08:31, lpeci a écrit :
>> I had the same problem with my UEFI bios machine and I fixed it so for Centos 7:
>> 1) Boot from an rescue linux usb
>> 2) When the rescue system is running:
>>     2.1) #chroot /mnt/sysimage
>> 3) Config network:
>>     3.1) # ip addr add X.X.X.X/X dev X
>>     3.2) # ip route add default via X.X.X.X    <--- default router
>> 4) And finally:
>>     #yum downgrade shim\* grub2\* mokutil
>>     #exit
>>     #reboot
>> I hope you can fix it with these steps.
> Thanks for the detailed suggestion.
> Unfortunately I couldn't recover the installation, and I had to redo everything
> from scratch, which cost me the first two days of my holidays.
> One thought regularly kept crossing my mind:
> "How on earth could this have passed Q & A ?"

Well, I mean that would be a valid point if it happened for every
install.  The issue did not happen on every install.  There is no way to
test every single hardware and firmware combination for every single
computer ever built :)

It would be great if things like this did not happen, but with the
universe of possible combinations, i am surprised it does not happen
more often.

We do run boot tests of every single kernel for CentOS.  The RHEL team
runs many more tests for RHEL.  But every possible combination from
every vendor can't possibly be tested. Right?

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