[CentOS] Proxmox Backup Server equivalent for the RHEL/CentOS world ?

Mon Apr 12 16:28:31 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>


> Hi,
> I've just spent a couple weeks experimenting extensively with Proxmox VE
> (Virtual Environment) and Proxmox PBS (Backup Server) on a couple of
> sandbox
> servers. I must say I'm impressed, especially of the elegance and
> simplicity of
> the backup solution. Running virtual machines can be backed up
> efficiently,
> combining deduplication and incremental backups. A bit like Rsnapshot,
> only for
> whole VM images.
> Both PVE and PBS are based on Debian, and now I wonder if RHEL-based
> systems
> have something similar to offer.

That's really a very interesting question. There are "Red Hat OpenStack
Platform" and "Red Hat Virtualization" but I don't know about their exact
features and how they could be compared to the Proxmox products. From what
I understand Proxmox is Open Source and can be used freely with the option
to get paid support, is this correct?

> Any suggestions ?

No but I'm also listening to hear options.

> Niki