[CentOS] Centos versions in the future?

Wed Apr 28 13:28:25 UTC 2021
R C <cjvijf at gmail.com>

you think you can fund something like that with a bake sale or so?, 
maintaining a separate distro for the same thing is VERY expensive

On 4/28/21 2:08 AM, Nikolaos Milas wrote:
> On 28/4/2021 10:35 π.μ., Nikolaos Milas wrote:
>> All that, in turn, are very much dependent on community involvement 
>> and project management & financing.
> By the way, I think that CentOS, before it was "absorbed" by Redhat, 
> could/might have addressed the community for fund raising, rather than 
> abandoning the project to RH, which, as others have mentioned, was an 
> unmistakable sign of upcoming CentOS EOL as we had come to know it.
> If the financing need was communicated correctly, I am very confident 
> that financing would have been secured, e.g. by using a public fund 
> raising platform, due to CentOS huge install base and community.
> Any of those current (or future) projects that might prove successful 
> enough to become CentOS successor (as a RHEL binary twin, and not as 
> Stream), should use the community financing model, in order to avoid 
> CentOS fate.
> My 0.01$ :)
> Nick
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