[CentOS] Recommendations for webmail client on EL8

Mon Mar 1 17:02:55 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> On 3/1/21 10:27 AM, Jay Hart wrote:
>>>> Am 01.03.21 um 15:56 schrieb Simon Matter:
>>>>>> On 3/1/21 2:57 PM, Simon Matter wrote:
>>>>>>> ...
>>>>>>> I was looking at Roundcube but it seems difficult on EL8 because a
>>>>>>> lot
>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>> PHP stuff is missing and not available as RPMs. I guess the same is
>>>>>>> true
>>>>>>> for the python things needed for Mailpile. In the end my list only
>>>>>>> contains Cypht, Rainloop and Afterlogic Webmail lite.
>>>>>>> ...
>>>>>> Have you considered to run the official Roundcube container image as
>>>>>> a
>>>>>> podmans systemd service?
>>>>>> https://hub.docker.com/r/roundcube/roundcubemail/
>>>>>> https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/improved-systemd-podman (Podman >=
>>>>>> 2.0
>>>>>> required, but it's only a systemd service file to be created
>>>>>> manually)
>>>>> Hi Thomas,
>>>>> Thanks for your suggestion. No, I'm not really thinking about
>>>>> docker/podman. I prefer having clean system installs, even if I have
>>>>> to
>>>>> create RPMs myself. This has worked fine for the last two decades but
>>>>> yes,
>>>>> I'm afraid, this is considered old school these days :-)
>>>> Hey Simon, take a look at Remi's repository ...
>>>> --
>>>> Leon
>>> Hi Leon, thanks.
>>> I'm wondering why these things are not in EPEL?
>>> Simon
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>> Simon,
>> I'm in same boat as you. I have a C6 machine running squirrelmail that
>> I've been trying to get upgraded. I bought a new machine and have
>> C8 installed, postfix, dovecot, SA, the works, running.  But, I couldn't
>> get squirrelmail running.
>> I'm also very interested in the answer to this question, "what webmail
>> to run on C8" (or stream in the future).  I've looked at the same
>> SW apps you have and have not really gotten a warm fuzzy over anything.
>> I wonder if another tact to take would be to try to get squirrelmail
>> more "modern". I know Les is still doing a bit of dev, but it does
>> seem like squirrelmail is lagging behind.
> I know this is irrelevant to CentOS and RedHat Enterprise, as I run
> these on FreeBSD (in separate dedicated jail). I do have both of them:
> roundcube and squirrelmail. When I tell my users about the options, I
> tell them roundcube is modern and fancy. Squirrelmail, though same good,
> is more older style. So, they have choices to match their taste.
> And again, this is irrelevant to Linux. But both roundcube and
> squirrelmail will not be phased out in close future (my own estimate),
> though squirrelmail has reached the stage when new features will not be
> added (nothing bad about that in my book).
> Valeri

Hi Valeri, I've just checked FreeBSD ports:

- squirrelmail latest with php 8
- roundcube 1.4.11 (latest) with php 7.4
- rainloop 1.15.0 (latest) with php 8
- horde-webmail 5.2.22 (latest) with php 8

Once again a slap in my face as an EL user :-)

But I have an idea, I'll look at the squirrelmail port closely and see how
I can include the updated code in my RPMs. Sounds like a solution - or
move everything to FreeBSD. I'm running a FreeBSD test VM for years and I
really like the upgrades the FreeBSD way!